Update to our members

Dear Paysnation members
We thank you for your patience
And we do apologize for the inconvenience caused for some days our site had not been online.

It was due to some data queries we were receiving at that initial time from our host and we then migrated to a higher host for members safety.

We have been working since past few days with our technical support to help migrate back users data which we tried our best but to no avail.

We do plead you should consider us in time like this, it is prone to happen.

Our database back up got corrupted and all our datas got corrupted also

Till now am writing this we have spent $80 to recover all our detials but it got corrupted

Which made us loose every important Information we had.

So if you are already existing member

Send the coupon code you used for your registration to our support via
We will activate it and reply to your mail when you should make use of it.

If you know your unpaid referral earning do contact us with the coupon you used to register them we will get it back

Note: do not play smart as we only send unpaid referral coupon code not paid
And do not try to forge coupon because we will eventually know and shut down the account

We are really sorry for this inconveniences do bear with us in times like this.

Contact us with this email
To help you solve some issues and to get back your unpaid earnings.

Do bear with us.

Paysnation media services.


  1. This is a very nice post which shows honesty and also shows transparency. It will even attract more users and also make paysnation users trust you more. Paysnation is the best website so far. Keep it up. God bless you. Thanks so much

  2. God will bless u and give u all the wisdom for you to use and resolve any issue that wants to spoil my paysnation for me

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