Update to members

All activities will be fully working as From Monday because today is payday for our non referral members

as we said earlier members that didn’t share our sponsored post on their facebook, instagram or twitter timeline won’t be paid. We can’t just come and pay you without publishing our post on your timeline as that’s the only way we earn for paying you.

So if you can’t share our post on your timeline and you don’t have referral just forget about withdrawing because your payment won’t the made to you.

Majority of the members without referral didn’t share our sponsored post but they earn from it we won’t pay you for that.

Kindly get your facebook or any social media link you shared our post to and fill the withdraw form if you didn’t do so

Members that they earning is not up-to N2000 was also discarded.. To withdraw without referral just earn Upto N2000 and hit the withdraw form.

Good in affiliate marketing it’s time to be our vendor and earn from us.

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