update to members

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Update to members
Good day and happy weekend to you guys

Weekend is always a busy day for us because some tasks need to get solved, so many of them.

Things resume normal form next week.

It’s weekend and one of our member have qualified For this week extra N2000. She made the highest referral for this week

About her: Goodness. Is a third year student in the University of port Harcourt (Uniport) she was in school this week and thou she is studying, in her part time she was able to recruit Some members to us and he made the highest this week so far

How did she do it?

Lol this lady am talking about here wasn’t good in referring anybody, but when the page of  How to get Referrals was published she read it and took action, got many people to her group talk to them and they are interested, and boom that’s how she got it so easy I will say.

How about you try it the new week ?you might be like her also Go here and read how she did it Referrals made easy

Make sure you take action !

Update : Vendors needed urgently


We are currently looking for vendors to recruit to make sales for us. majority of the ones we had is  not up and doing and they are going to be removed in our list as soon as possible.

You know very well that’s where we get revenue to pay users for the main time and also with Adsense also so if some of them are not doing they work we might close down which none of us want

So if you have experience in affiliate marketing and have worked for some sites before, and you are interested In becoming our vendor contact us for more information.

   Non Referral  payday

Saturdays is payday for our members without referral.  If you withdrew and filled the form with all the requirements especially your media link where you shared our sponsored post  you will  Be paid.

For those WIth referral that withdrew on Friday  you won’t be paid!

Because in our policy we said its for those without referral and not those with referral Take note.


We urge members after Getting paid tomorrow to show they alert to people on our facebook group to see

This is the only way you encourage us to keep paying without referral

If you don’t show your alert to people mind you we might close it down paying members without referral

Join the group Here

Because at least we deserve some accolades In that..

So wait for your alert to come in asap

Have a nice day.


  1. In fact you are really doing a great Job,because I don’t think there is any online business that can pay without referred.

  2. Although, this is a very great online business because i’ve never seen an online business without being referred. Thanks Paysnation

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