Update to members

Good morning and happy new week

I hope you will double your hustle this week ,

We have been busy paying members without referral since yesterday and we finished today, all those that withdrew have been paid.

We urge members especially those without referral to be appreciative of it.


You can post your alert on our facebook group and you can as well say we paid without referral this means alot to us.

So when ever we pay you without referral kindly post your alert on the facebook support group.

The payment delayed sponsored post and it was not published today. It will be out tomorrow.

Note: as from this week make sure you insert your media link you shared sponsored post to that’s only instagram, twitter or facebook, If not your payment won’t be processed for the weekย 

ย  ย Face of The weekย 

I said this earlier and I also explained how it work: you will fill the form we publish you on the page where members Can see and vote for you

The user with highest vote gets N1500 for that and will be published on our site for the weekend

This is a fun earning nothing is required of you, just fill the form , we get it posted and members Vote for you

ย  ย We are going global

I have been seeing lot of mails from outside countries that they would love to be a parteker of this opportunity to earn from they country also.


So the email have been granted we are no more only Nigeria based but we are now international

Any one that wish to join can join.

So if you have friends from outside country that wish to join you, they can do that now.

They Can payย  with bitcoin or PayPal

This is how it works: one of our vendor will be in charge of that, so if they wish to register they chat him up pay him and he in return sends a code to use and register to the platform


When they withdrew they will be paid via bitcoin or PayPal also.

The vendor will soon be updated with the contact information on the vendors page.

Everything will be up and running as form tomorrow do have patience with us for not being updated.

We have a lot of tasks here.




Referral made easy click the menu look for the how to get referral page read it and take action and be cashing out N10, 000 every week here is the link ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

How to get referrals

Wow! Take actions and double hustle now with us.

Thanks for the cooperation so far


  1. Good job by the ADMIN, you’re indeed amazing. Paysnation is real, please don’t doubt it, this platform is NOT for the THOMAS!!!

  2. Am so grateful to paysnation most especially because my alert came in yesterday and I look forward to winning the face of the week ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

    • Wow. That’s really a nice update. And I’ll also be contesting for the face of the week and I’m also looking forward to win it. May God help everyone on paynation. I love you all and much thanks to paynation. God bless you.

  3. Wow!everything about paysnation is fun and the amazing part is that u get paid for having that fun.
    l can’t stop loving this platform. Kudos to the admin

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