Update to those complaining

Do you know why some sites run down within 3 months
It’s because they make members get earning they won’t pay them

You submit post in the site and it was not approved?

1. Almost all the post in the site are not quality articles :

Admins spend a lot of time editing users post in the site
What they just do is to copy and paste and think it will be approved

*No it won’t*

If your post should be approved at least make it be attractive. Do editing put image also for educative purpose
Note not to only earn but to teach people
That’s what we are known for

comments not approved?

Don’t expect Paysnation to approve comment such as :
Wow thansk for the offer Paysnation,
Nice post
If you can’t read the post and get something tangible to lay as comment
Don’t try to comment because the system won’t approve it



And also we approve numerous comment in a day some times we limit
It, we don’t want members to get what we can’t pay them and also wouldn’t like to go bankrupt

You want to sell your paysnation account?

We don’t ever want to see a user sell his or her account to anybody if can no more use it then forget it.

Your account is your assets,ย  property and why should you sell it .

If we found out you want to sell your account you will get your account disabled no two ways about it.


Let’s all be guided we don’t want to run down and also we don’t want to promise you what we can’t pay you of.


Today is withdrawal for non referral users. If you didn’t Share our sponsored post forget about withdrawal Because you won’t be paidย 

While filling the form make sure you put your social media link for us to track that you shared the post that’s only way we can release your payment.

The form will be out by 9am and closed by 4pm

So do have patience and earn with Paysnation.

More updates coming soon.


  1. How can someone even sell his or her account, that’s so stupid because paysnation is always paying us with genuine proves

  2. I love this and is just the truth,I have more confidence in you guys because you are stright forward.please keep it up!!

  3. We get the plight , but my question is I thought paysnation is owned by cashalert, what’s going on with cashalert.. because the person I register for the platform is complaining about it. Please help us to look into that thanks

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