MTN came to Nigeria at a time when nobody wanted to invest in Nigeria, at a time when Nigerians did not have phones. Even Zenith Bank refused to loan MTN cash to operate, UBA rejected MTN’s offer but today see the difference.

At least we all know the story of
the about Cowbell? When they
came to Nigeria, they made milk
in a sachet, Peak was laughing at
them – they said Cowbell was milk
for the poor – but they were
right! 5-million poor people could
afford N10 a day for a sachet of

Oya, Lets do the mathematics – 5million people buying milk at N10.00- that was N50million every single day. In a month they grossed
1.5billion Naira.

Even Peak had to make sachet
milk in order to survive in the

So what have people told you?
What have they said you cannot
do, or you do not qualify for,
or you do not have experience for?
They told Cowbell, they told MTN,
but today the story has changed.
I have a feeling something is
changing for you before
the end of this year!

All your remaining blessings
that is hidden in year 2019
will be delivered to you in the remaining months of the year 2019. They will change their strategies just to keep in step with you. Don’t listen
to what people are saying or what life is showing you…
YES, YOU CAN.!!!!!!

Success is not about where you come from, not about your background status, not about the cloth you wear,
not about the blackberry pouch or iPhone 6 you use, not about the expensive suits or blazers you puts on, not about going to expensive Primary, Secondary or Tertiary schools, not about studying abroad,
not about the American, British or European Union passport you have, not about where you graduated from, or what grade you graduated with, But its about what graduates out of you, It’s about your positive visions, dreams, and aspirations you desire for yourself and humanity. Keep the spirit UP.

Do not allow fear, failure, frustration,
lack of money, discouragement, sickness, pain, or any temporary setback to kill your dream.

You are bigger than any of these things.
Take courage! It doesn’t matter if you or your children attended a public school, or if your live in a BQ or room and palour. Its about YOU and your DREAM with constant FOCUS, DETERMINATION and DILIGENCE to greatness and believe that you can use any stumbling block as a stepping stone to a better life.

You are too connected to be disconnected.
You are too loaded to fail.”

Obafemi Hamzat