Introducing on Paysnation

Hey guys how is the hustle,  hope you are making some dolls

Kindly go through out this post don’t skip any of it 

1. New way of sharing sponsored post .

Look at the screenshot below to learn how to share the new sponsored post that would be published next

You don’t need to save image any more!

Step 1.. Click on the sponsored post

Step 2.. If you want to share it to facebook, twitter or instagram click on the link below to share it directly 👇👇

This are the icons

Then copy the text paste on the link you have copied it with on facebook this is it 👇👇

I have shared mine on facebook now you can see how I did it Here

Then post it after you have done that come back to the site click on here to earn.

Note: you can take part in sponsored post if you want, but if you don’t want to, make sure you don’t earn From the link to avoid N200 deduction.

 Introducing !

1. Paysnation face of the week: this is a new way we want to be giving out some cash to our members every weekend.

This is how it will work: some of our users will request to be the face of The week then members will vote for them, the  member to get the highest Vote will automatically become the site face of the week and the user will be posted on the site for the weekend, admin also will give the user N1500 for being the site face of the week.

While the following week will be N1000 for The winner

Nothing is needed of you, just fill the form  it will be showed on members dashboard if They like you they vote for you.

The button will soon be on your dashboard where you can locate it.


2. Any member that made the highest referral for the week gets N2, 000 from admin. you are expected to register at least 15 or 10 users with your unique referral link to qualify


3. Any user that made the best meaningful comment on posts will get N1000 from admin at the end of The week the user will be announced on the site.

We are working on the site day by day we will be number one soonest

Save your account you will love  you joined Paysnation media services soon

Slow, patience and steady wins the race!!💳

The withdraw form is out you can go and withdraw your money and wait for your payment soonest to your bank account.


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