Good day hustlers, how is it going ?

As we have on our policy Monday and Wednesday is withdrawal day for those with referral and every Friday is withdrawal day for non referral users to get they pay on Saturday.

The withdraw form will be opened today by 9am and will be turned off by 4pm

Make sure you insert the media link you shared sponsored post to OR else your payment will be on hold.

If you are good in affiliate marketing we are currently looking for vendors who are interested in making sells and get percentage for doing so


  While submitting post on the site make sure your post is neat and easy to be read.

Stop creating work for me, the majority of the article approved by the system is being edited manually by admin thereby creating work for admins

Make your post to be on

  1. Paragraph: even if you copy from other sites try to edit it to be educative and don’t jam-packed all the post make sure you edit it line by Line if you want it approved
  2.  Give spacing to your paragraph texts
  3. If possible put a featured image
  4. Post of 100 words won’t be approved we approve meaningful post as From 200 word up
  5. Don’t post because you are given the opportunity to post : make sure your post gives an accurate information even to you the poster

Let’s all be guided all we want here is to be updated every day and In return we will pay you for that.

Comments such as:  noted, thanks so much admin, yes it’s true, lol etc won’t be approved

Happy money making Nigerians


  1. This is a very nice update. I actually didn’t know how to post but with this help I now know how to submit post. Thanks for the update. Paynation is the best.God bless you. That’s a very good one.

  2. I am proud to be a member of paysnation and I pray may God almighty Answer all my fellow members prayers

  3. I am interested in becoming a vendor. I have a team built to push pays nation in port harcourt. What are the steps?

  4. Everything in life has rules and regulations, fail to follow the rules and regulations definitely is fail to succeed on it, thanks for your notice.

  5. To be candid with you all,these paysnation is good but don’t know how to get the article I will comment on and how to post article or even sponsor the post

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