Pastor Biodun and Busola Dakolo saga

This story has been treading online and I figured it’s vital I air my opinion here.

I want to say expressly that this is an attack on the church and not to be taken for granted. It I nothing but a tactical mean of assassination of characters.

OK fine, you claim rape, why were you silent all these years.

OK, you claim rape why not go to the law rather than the press. This is a cheap scheme to tarnish the hard earned reputation of the church and we will not be silenced over this one too soon.

Coza global should go to the law and Sue for damages, that’s the best way to put an end to this nuance. These celebrities have absolutely no regard for the body of Christ.

It is important to make it clear that we have a common enemy the devil. And what he does is that he targets one in a means to bring about confusion and disunity in the church. Let’s be wise.

Finally, rapture is at end the end is near, let’s remain sober and vigilant, let’s not become distracted that the day of rapture takes us unaware. God bless you.


  1. Even if coza didn’t sue them,God is available to fight for them.The church should just call on God to fight for them because God is the only one that can let the blackmailers confess.

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