The bible says “For the vision is yet for an appointed time,but at the end it shall speak,and not lie; though it tarry,wait for it; because it will surely come,it will not tarry;”(Habakkuk 2:3).
One of the greatest lessons of life could be found in the Champions league match between Liverpool and Barcelona on May 7,2019. After the first leg,majority of people and football pundits(myself inclusive) easily predicted that Liverpool could win the second leg but would not qualify to the final stage,but the world and football is always full of surprises and that was what the world witnessed.


1. No matter the odd that is staked against you,NEVER GIVE UP. As Mohamed Salah why did he put on a shirt with the inscription “Never Give Up” even when his team was down by 3 goals from first leg,yet he went to the stadium with Faith and Hope.
2. Pride goes before a fall,ask Messi who had a clear chance to score to make it one-one but decided to entertain the crowd by dribbling away from goal,thereby losing the one glorious chance that would have been vital to Barcelona survival.
3. Never underrate your opponent, no matter how bruised he or she might have been. Barcelona believed that without Mohammed Salah and Firmino, Liverpool do not have the required firepower to stage a surprise, but the remaining boys proved them wrong.
4. In the moment of battle, never attack half way or reserve your best for the opportune time as this might become a disaster to you.
5. The opinion of others don’t count what counts is what you believe in. Liverpool believed that they can never walk alone, and they showed the world the stuff they are made off.
You see, life is never favorable to anyone,you just get to get up and tell yourself daily, I am gonna make it.
Just as Aary Stark told the woman of Light in the Game of thrones,when she was asked what would she tell the god of death, she replied “Not Today,” Liverpool told the world and those who wrote them off….Not Today.
So, when failure comes knocking on your door reply like Liverpool players and Aary Stark…. Not Today.
You are formed for something great,so rise up and defeat whoever stands on your way.Shalom


  1. Never give up,I once went through difficult situations in my higher education,it seems the world has forgotten me but I never give up,am now a graduate waiting for service,so whatever situation you are facing never give up.

  2. The opinion of others don’t count what counts is what you believe in. No matter the odd that is staked against you, NEVER GIVE UP. Life is never favorable to anyone, you just have to get up and tell yourself daily, I am gonna make it.

  3. So much insight from a football match. Life is indeed a journey filled with experience, learn the lessons as the come at you. We live to learn,

  4. Stay true to yourself,yet always be open to learn.Liverpool learned from their past mistakes from the first leg and work on it. Work hard, and never give up on your dreams, even when nobody else believes they can come true but you.These are not clichés but real tools you need no matter what you do in life to stay focused on your path. Because nobody believe that Liverpool will reach the final stage, talkless of been won the Championship.

  5. Wow.. Your comparison beat my imagination. But funny enough, that’s all there is to life..never ever give up..keep pushing.. The greatest achievers are the non-quitters. Thank u so much for this insight.

  6. We should never give on up on anything we do because that is story behind our success….. Nothing come on a platter of gold will have to pay the price by not give up..

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