Important update

Good day and happy Sunday

How is the weekend going?

We have completed the payment for  members that withdrew without referral that are eligible.

While the staffs were processing payment, some of the users earned from sponsor post earning but didn’t provide they profile link which made the staff not to touch they account because of profile link.


If you want to get your pay from us without referral just share our post on social media, insert the link on withdraw form and you will. Be paid eventually without any delays.

It’s that hard?


  Vendors needed:

If you are interested in working with us on Paysnation as a vendor you can apply now for review.

We need hard working vendors for now

You All know that’s the major area our source of income to pay you guys lies.

So for the system to keep running fine join us as vendor and enjoy the benefits attached.

Guys no deh dull your self !

You said you can’t refer, OK fine and we made this post for you why not use it and pocket 2k daily for free am not charging you for for the post because you are a member here. Referral made easy!

This system I have used it and made 50k+ I didn’t run advert this instructions I shared is what I used why not try it out ?

Sponsor post!


Sponsor post will now be published 3 or 4 times as from this week for members to earn from


Publishing post!

If you want your post to Be approved don’t copy post from other sites with the link attached in it , even if you should copy edit the post or else it won’t be approved.

One new feature to earn from and keep us busy is coming soonest !!

Tell your friends about us!


  1. Thanks for the update, am eagerly waiting for the new features u talked about. My people, Moni matter na serious matter ooo

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