How I Lost Over 100k Worth of Snails

How I Lost Over 100k Worth of Snails in 2 days and how I used Inbound Marketing Strategy to Ensure it will Never Happen Again.
Yes! We the rich also cry you know. But chances are that you won’t know unless we tell you the pains, stress, handwork and even disappointments that goes into making the success stories that you read and get inspired or motivated.
I’ve decided to share this to encourage someone not to give up when you encounter the next big business disappointment.
Selling in Nigeria especially agricultural produce requires that you always be calculative and at your best at all times or you keep loosing money on daily bases, this is owing to the long distances (some of us in the south our major customers are in the west and northern part of the country) which is mostly due to the ever worsening nature of our roads.
Sometimes in April during my Easter Bonanza, I had loads of customers who where interested in our products (Cleaned Packaged Snails) majority of these persons where based either in Abuja, Lagos, Kaduna or Onitsha. I kept loosing interested customers on a daily bases because our Packaged fresh snails couldn’t travel such far distances (Minimum of 9hrs) and most of them weren’t interested in the Live or Oven dried but the freshly cleaned ones.
I decided I was tired of loosing more customers due to distance, so I contacted friends and family members in the different locations and a few indicated interest amongst them was a friend I met during my NYSC days in Abuja. I decided to use her because she was business minded and had contacted me in the past on the possibility of buying and reselling Crayfish and Oil from Calabar.
She was excited about the idea of being my s snails agent on first hearing and so was I that I forgot to do other checks. I mean I already had waiting clients.
Though she admitted she can’t wash or clean snails from the very beginning, she was willing to learn. So I immediately swung into action packed about 320 Snails for the trip to Abuja.
Here was the plan;
Sending this snails at once ensures that I beat down the cost of logistics, reduce delivery time and our clients get their desired fresh snails fresh and fast.
Upon arrival, my friend suddenly got so busy that she didn’t pick the snails on the first day it arrived and the second day she finally sent someone to pick them late in the evening and most of the snails where already dead and others too weak to survive in the hands of a total novice.
To cut the story short we were able to deliver only to one client (I called her client because she has gone ahead to make multiple orders since then). And that’s how I lost the rest.
I learnt by experience one of my biggest business lessons “No one will ever take care of your business like you’ll do”.
To say the least I was heart broken and almost lost interest in the business but then I discovered my mistake while probing for possible errors that made the deal went south.
I learnt early from my Mum that whenever I encounter disappointment, I shouldn’t be quick to dish out blames but rather probe to know possible mistake I made or why the other person did what they did. I developed this into a strategy I called “putting yourself in the other person’s shoes”.
In every situation before you conclude or judge, ask yourself, if I was in his or her shoes (position), would I’ve done or acted differently?
Back to my lessons.
My mistake I discovered was that I didn’t educate my friend enough on how to handle snails and the possible risks involved.
Upon this realization I went ahead to write some of my highest grossing sales copies of all time using one of the best strategies I learnt from my training with @Fate Foundation “Inbound Marketing Strategy”.
Some of these sales copies includes;
“How to wash and clean snails for long term storage.”
“How I make thousands weekly Washing and cleaning Snails for Ever Business Professionals in Nigeria Major Cities, How you too can benefit.”
“How to Make Money from Snails and other agribusiness, even if you don’t have a farm”.
With it I have been able to achieved initial aim of
1. Reducing My Delivery time.
2. Client acquisition and retention.
3. Reduction in logistics fee.
Above all I have individuals who are either doing snails business passively or full time by either dropping shipping, warehousing or delivery our snails at different across the country. Some have gone ahead to replicate this in the sale and supply of other agribusinesses.