Self discipline is the ability to be in control of your feelings and emotions. It is the act of denying yourself and controlling your impulses.

People who have a high degree of self discipline do not waste time in making important decisions. They do not allow their impulses or feelings to determine their choices. They tend to be happier and satisfied with their lives.

No matter what you want to do in terms of fitness, diet, relationship etc, this trait is needed to achieve your goals. Are you worried you can’t achieve your goals because you do not trust yourself due to lack of self discipline? Here are 4 ways to master self discipline.

Know your weakness

Everyone has a weakness, this weakness might be your eating habit, laziness or addiction. Once you know your shortcomings, then you are one step towards managing and overcoming your flaws.

Do not be tempted

The next step in improving and establishing your self discipline is by taking away every temptation and distraction from your mind and around you. If you are on a diet, stay away from junk foods. If you are being distracted at work by social media, turn off the notifications or you could turn off your data connection.

Make a plan

For you to improve and master your self discipline, you must be able to draw out a plan which you must adhere to. You may have problem accomplishing all your tasks in a day, to solve that problems, list out all the things you need to do for that day. Try your best in accomplishing each task. Make sure you continue with this everyday until you start showing improvement.

Decision fatigue must be avoided 

The main thing about self discipline is the decision you make, whether denying or controlling yourself from doing something. But all boils down to decision making. Sometimes, we irrationally make so many decisions at once, some of which might be not so good. Sometimes, you don’t even want to make any decision. All you need to do is calm down, think of your goals, and if they are many, list them out in order of priority. Avoid making decisions that can distract you from achieving your goals.



  1. keeping yourself away from junk food includes making an estimate of what you spend in a day coz once you have extra money with you might be tempted to get some. after all you gat some cash.

  2. Being self desiplind really dose take alot, above all if requirs sacrifices, doing away with alot of things thereby creating an open mind

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