A problem known to exist in most if not all countries is rapidly increasing in our dear country Nigeria. But what is poverty?

Poverty is a situation where one does not have the basic needs of life which are food, clothing and shelter.
Today in Nigeria,most people live on less than a dollar per day which is not just bad but critical as one is expected to eat not just one but three square meals a day but is unable to due to lack of money. What are the causes of poverty in Nigeria?
1) One of the causes of poverty in Nigeria is corruption. It is no news that public funds are being embezzled day in and day out by those who have access to it. These funds are meant for the public to enable them to grow and develop,but when these funds are embezzled by the government and it’s officials,the public remains in what I would call anbutter state of hell,not growing or developing but rather depreciating and finally fall into the arms of poverty which destroys and finally kills them in form of one ailment or the other. This is to say that the government has contributed and is still contributing rapidly in the increase of poverty in the country.
Another cause of poverty in Nigeria is natural disasters. When a natural disaster such as flood occurs,it renders valuable goods and properties useless which leads to the setback of the owners of such goods and properties thereby throwing them into the horrible arms of poverty to experience the horrors of life. Most times ,people inhabiting such areas become internally displaced persons, barely feeding nor clothing nor do they have good shelter. This goes on and after a while,some of them die while others live on, struggling to live under such difficult hardships.
Also,terrorism and insurgency are causes of the rapid increase of poverty in Nigeria. During terrorists attack ,a lot of lives and properties are destroyed. Inhabitants of such places become poor and internally displaced.
One of the ways this can be done is for the government to collaborate with some organizations such as the industrial training fund to organize skills, training and acquisition programs handful skills to enable them fend for themselves in the society and survive,even without having a white collar job.
Another way this can be handled is by tackling the issue of insurgency in the country. The government should put more effort in equipping the armed forces with the necessary things they require in tackling such menaces in the country by directing a lot of funds into security of the country through budgeting.
Lastly, people inhabiting areas prone to attacks by natural disasters should be evacuated by the government and better housing facilities should be provided for them.this would not just save the lives of people but would also go a long way in improving their living condition which is a big step forward in eradicating poverty in Nigeria.
In conclusion,let us all endeavor to do as much as we can to eradicate poverty from Nigeria. Let us do this so that the future may be better than the present and far better than the past. Remember,the fight to eradicate poverty in Nigeria is a collective begins with you and me.