Did technology make us lazy


As we are progressing ahead, technology is continuously advancing ahead with new and new gadgets being introduced to people.

With these gadgets, people are getting lazy and try to use machines for each and every job.

Has technology made us lazier then? Has the digital age made our minds weaker and deep thinking impossible?

In response to this question, Mathew Daniel snarkily feels with every new release of technology, we become less physically active and more reliant on a screen, fearing that one day we will be the space humans in Wall-E who hover around on chairs, the epitome of laziness.

Micheal admitted that technology makes us weaker socially, physically, and mentally. He points out that technology has led to less face-to-face communication.

It has also allowed us to remain sedentary for longer periods of time.  Micheal gripes are very common among those who dissuade against the overuse of technology.

The underlying feeling among this group is that technology allows us to not do things that we were forced to do before.

However, most people tend to disagree with Micheal. Demola, a graphic artist disagrees, he argues that technology is responsible for development.

In his world “Technology is responsible for development and growth.

It takes our heart away from trivial tasks while we focus on important issues.

Oye, a content specialist has a mixed feeling, while he agrees it might have made us lazier he quickly added it has enhanced our way of life and communicaation positively.

He added most of than not, tech innovators don’t allow their family use modern technologies because it affects their study habits and makes them less creative.

Etim, a writer and digital marketer is also in support of technology, she quickly added it has the tendies to make one lazy.

She said ” I trust on computers to be detailed and correct, as a writer I can’t remember the last time I spelt without autocorrect. It makes cross-checking easier and final details are easier to spot.

Am afraid in the near future spelling bee competition will be no more as almost everyone can’t do with the wonderful piece of technology.

Promise, an HR consultant, however, seems to disagree. While it makes things faster and quicker, it has made man lazy and reductant.

It has made our lives, pathetic, miserable and also reduces social interaction, you see a whole lot of broken people hiding behind emojis and tweeting rubbish. she added.

Technology has many pros and cons and one of its major cons is that people are getting extremely lazy.

It is also due to rise in internet companies which offers data at a very cheap price.

Due to gadgets and internet, people are losing interest in most of the activities. Health and medical problems have shoot up immensely.

Teachers have pointed out that kids are not able to think innovatively.

People should realize and make a balance between usage of technology and performing other activities.

As long as we try to sometimes exert ourselves in ways that lie outside a technologically defined bubble, we have a chance at beating technologically induced laziness.

Do you think technology has made us lazy? Share your views in the comment box below.