Change in policy


This update is for existing Paysnation members

Good day and happy new week guys
Kindly go through this new policy as from 09/09/19 on PAYSNATION

We have pushed out N467k last week to some of our members and some withdrawals are still yet to be touched because thousands of our users withdrew. We have been busy with the payment for the past weeks.

Our AdSense is now back( a network that pays us monthly) so and this is the major place we have our revenue laid on and it pays us monthly

That’s one source of our income in which we use to pay our members.

So our payment will Now be monthly

This is the new earrings method

1 affiliate commission is still N1, 000
2 submitting posts N15
3 commenting on articles N3
4. Sponsored post for premium earners N100
For basic N50
5. Logging N50
6 vendors earn N100 per sale

New withdrawal day for both referral and non referral earners 22nd of every month while we start payment from 25th to month end.

If you wish to get paid fastly, get atleast two referrals to be able to do the quick cash our

We are about to resume payment without referral but of course you all know we will have to pay those with referral first before we enter processing those without referral.

All you have to do is to be active on the site and do your daily tasks

If you wish to get paid without referral make sure you are sharing our sponsored post daily and correctly.

This new policy have to take place so we can be able to cash out from Adsense and then make payments to users .

If you withdrew and you know you are eligible
Kindly exercise patience as you will soon get paid.

We are not going to run down with your funds so far you are working on the site.

All that is required of you is patience as you will Soon get paid this week or month ending.

I have tried my best to make sure users get paid.
Even have spent from my own purse.

So it’s not easy as you think it is .

Give us a little time to get some funds and resume payment
As I have said you will be paid soonest

Just be active and you will see your alert soon.

Thanks for your kind understanding.


  1. It’s ok by me though, but now that I’ve told all my prospects that sponsored post is N150 and writing of articles is N50. Do you want them to call me a lair.

  2. I’m ecstatically delighted and disproportionately flabbergasted with enormous gratification and appreciation for the dispensation of such a tendering and paramount information Admin.

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