Causes of miscarriage in women

Must Read! List Of 7 Most Common Causes Of Miscarriage

1. Chromosomal Abnormalities

Hands down, the single most common reason that a miscarriage occurs is some a problem with either the egg or sperm’s chromosomes during embryo formation. Miscarriages caused by chromosomal abnormalities have been found to happen more often in women older than age 35.This isย  fat the all the eggs that a woman will ever have she has from birth and the eggs age with her.

2.Thyroid Dissorders

Whether it be hypo (too low) or hyper (too high) thyroidism, thyroid disorders can lead to problems with infertility or cause recurrent miscarriages.A thyroid that is producing too many hormones can interfere with estrogen’s ability to do its job and make the uterus unfavorable for implantation or lead to abnormal uterine bleeding.

3. Diabetes

Women with diabetes need to work with their primary care physician or endocrinologist to optimize their sugar control.Uncontrolled insulin-dependent diabetes in the first trimester can lead to increased miscarriage rates and also a markedly increased risk of major birth defects


Some lifestyle habits โ€“ such as drug abuse, alcohol use during pregnancy, and smoking โ€“ have been found cause early miscarriage and pregnancy loss in later trimesters. Optimizing your health leading up to your pregnancy could help reduce your risk of miscarriage.

5. Physical Complications

Less common, but still significant occurrences of miscarriage can be caused by physical problems with the mother, such as uterine abnormalities including septum or polyps, or cervical incompetence.

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6. Blood Clotting Disorders

Like physical abnormalities, miscarriages that result from blood clotting disorders (such as Factor V Leiden), are more rare, but they do occur.