As from tomorrow on Paysnation

As from tomorrow 1st July 2019

No more comment earning

Sponsored post earning N150

logging in N50: log out and log in to get your bonus

Publishing an article : N50

Sponsor post will be published on Monday, Wednesday and Friday while we process payment on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Minimum withdraw for non referral earners is now N2, 000 while for those with referral is N1,500

N500 withdraw charge for those with referral and N700 withdraw charge for those without referral for the main time.

Basic users gets N600 on any sign up
While premium users get N600 when a basic member sign up with his or link
While he gets N1000 when a member sign up with N1500

If we have paid you twice or thrice without referral try and get referral on next withdraw to keep this system working don’t just be earning without telling someone about us and we keep paying you no! we will go bankrupt for doing so

So after withdrawing twice or thrice try and get people to us with your unique link at least for the system to be moving fine.

See the reason we are doing this is to be the best we can for you. I know of many sites that have shut down big time within few months

Not that I don’t know how to set up earning method for users but do you want the site to fail like others?

See have patience with us if you can’t I guess you can’t work with us we don’t want to fold like others!!

Paysnation Trivia
This is coming up this week for members to be able to answer questions and earn for doing so.
The question will come From politics, sports, entertainment etc. If you answer correctly within the given time you earn for doing so.

We are still paying N2000 to the highest referral earner for every week.


  1. Thanks for the update and as we work hard to see the progress of this wonderful platform i ask that there be more to be done by all parties and members . Together we stand and put in efforts the greater the achievements let know it’s a win win situation. Peace
    Happy new paying month

  2. This is a good development, but kindly review the deduction on the charges as to contain more participants to our Paysnation. Thank you.

  3. I need to double my hustle and be faithful to pays nation because they are making me smile 24/7. So help me My data.

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