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Good day guys.

How is the money making going?

We are little busy this weekend processing payout to be pushed out to our members without referral tomorrow so if you withdrew chill as we pay you tomorrow without referral issues

I came with goodnews!

1.  Appreciation to our most active vendor: one of our vendor GOODNESS IBEKWE  who have been working with us for long, she guides her prospect, and teaches every body she comes across how to get started with Paysnation media and also guides registered members


Today she will get N2, 000 from me as a reward for doing so.

We sell code to our vendors at a percentage discount apart from that she will. Be given, N2000 by admin for being the most active vendor so far.

  • 2. Referral made easy: for those who have been looking forward for this you have gotten it now

This post was made by one of our user also who have made N38, 000+ with this system. It’s very easy and the thing here is that it’s only for registered member of Paysnation media  

I guarantee you N10, 000+ weekly with this article if you didn’t take it for granted you can get it on the list of pages on the site it have been added or this is it How to get referrals

Read and take action !!

3.  Reward to one of our user:

In our policy we pay a member N1, 000 additional for making meaningful comment on posts on the site.

The winner of this week’s episode is Nicole Gbadamosi 

He will be given N1000 by admin for making comments relevant to posts on our site

Next week can be your turn, just make comments to be reasonable and educative to qualify for this.


All those to be rewarded by the admin should send they payment detials to to get they reward 

Let nothing stop you from telling your friend about this system, remember you earn commission for doing so.

Happy money making Nigerians

Double your hustle now

Make money with your smartphone

No referral, No wahala.


  1. Wow thats really great, i always know PAYSNATION isnt gonna let us down, i pray am gonna be the lucky one some day, congrats to all PAYSNATION’S beneficiary

  2. This is great, paysnation you too much and congratulations to my fellow members of paysnation who have worked so hard to earn this. Am the next.

  3. Am so happy for my upline, GOODNESS IBEKWE ,she has been the best upline to me, I wish she’s my sister, anyway she’s my sister from another mother. she has been of help to me, am very happy for her. am also happy for other people that got rewarded keep it up. I also won’t relent this week is my week, I will surely make it.

  4. Thank you paysnation for giving us the opportunity to participate in double.and I am glad to be a member.

  5. This is really good news to me as it encouraged me a great deal. This has also made the group more realistic as I was never informed in any way by the person that introduced me. Well done admin I hope will be rewarded some day.

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