6 ways to generate a good research topic

6 Ways To Generate A Good Research Topic

1. Do some background reading: To bring about a topic for a research paper, you have to do some reading first. If your class is reading an introductory book, you can get an idea of what you like. If not, you can read one on your own by browsing for articles online until you find something that catches your attention.
2. Start narrowing down your area: Once you are done with your reading, it is time to start breaking down your areas of interest. You can do this by picking a topic that you like, then go deeper and deeper into that topic until you come cross something worth writing about.
3. Make a bubble map to help with the idea-generating process: Take out a plain sheet of paper. Draw your main idea in a bubble in the middle of the paper with a line going off the main idea, then make another bubble. In that bubble, put something related to the main idea that you find interesting.
4. Keep adding ideas to the bubble map: Keep working on the bubble map, even when you think you are done. If you push yourself to keep thinking and writing, then you will continue to come up with interesting and new ideas. The more ideas you come up with, the greater the chance that you will come up with an excellent and great research idea.
5. Begin researching the main ideas on your bubble map: Unlike the reading aspect, you should begin reading for some more serious works by looking at books in the library.
6. Start the researching process as early as possible: Lastly, the more time you give yourself to write the paper, the better and easier the finished product will be for you.


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  2. education has no limit that’s why we learn everyday,the more you research the more you unveil and the more you unveil the more you learn.

  3. learning never ends, higher institution students will need this Great advice, in fact this is more than information because carrying out research is always a tough work

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