5 things you won’t own again once you get married!

5 things you won’t own again once you get married!

Marriage is one amazing destination that everyone should find themselves. If love is sweet and it is something you want to keep to the very end then marriage is a great place to end it.

That being said, marriage is also an integral part of the society that no one should joke with. It is that Eden that once created, should always be made good because out of that garden comes the great things of life. That is why most parents train their wards as if they are going to the battleground. Marriage is indeed more than a place to go have fun or have children.

Therefore, there are some things that are intricate to a person that marriage will have to take away from that person. Sometimes people don’t want to let go of things they are used to but your partner may never want it. If you are well schooled and know the sacrifices of marital bliss and what love is all about, I think you would know that all of marriage is giving up one or two things all the time.

Let’s talk about physical things now. Men are almost used to somethings that women see as a no-no. women don’t really bother about them – just get rid of those things and then your woman will have peace of mind or think you love them better. Crazy world right? Nah, it is what marriage does to you. If you want to be single and control your life, don’t get married. But if you can’t live without that girl – my friend you are about to get stripped of your power, there are certain things you will have no control over again.

So, are you ready to know these simple things?

This is a normal thing in almost all the world where we have couples and a tv screen. You can’t win this war except you have a wife that does not care about a tv set or enjoy the shows on DStv – and won’t that be weird? And you won’t use “do you love tv or not” as the criteria to marry, would you?

So calm down. You can’t win this war, not even on sports day – except you have a wife that cares and loves you. But most women (and children) enjoy their shows and you must give it to them. Simply put, you don’t own the tv remote in the house once you jump the broom. Just get used to it!

The wardrobe – the entire wardrobe!

Even if you are a low budget spending man and don’t love clothes, the otherwise is your wife. No matter how poor or rich you are, even if your wife owns no job, she will still take over the wardrobe from you. Don’t get mad, they wear more clothes than we do. They have confusing tastes for clothes and that is something all men will not understand. It is their gift!

Just imagine: bags, shoes, clothes, scarfs, undies, jackets, Aso Oke, Wrappers (for my south-south mothers), jewelry, make up kit, and a big dressing table by the bed. Won’t it be wickedness if you don’t give up your side of the wardrobe?


I laugh when I see some guys arguing about how someone else doesn’t respect their privacy. Lol. You wish the person you love the most will. No! Snap out of it, your wife to be will not knock on the door to the toilet – for instance, when you are inside having the best solace and focus you wish you had. She will batch into the restroom anytime and any day. You no longer own that privacy bro, so, sulk it all in.


I have seen some people already practicing to have a separate room in the house once they get married so that they can go and have all the time in the world for themselves. I laugh in the Japanese way. Once you say “I do” sir, your precious time is broken into bits and you now own only 2 percent of it. So, cherish that time you have to your self. She will need someone to talk to, to lean on, to gossip to, to shout on, to argue with, to rant to, to share her dreams and her frustration with. So tell me, you think women talk straight and short? Welcome to marriage life 101. 

Your Sexy body – and manhood to be precise! 

Don’t ever make the mistake of being modest in marriage. Your partner needs to see all your sexiness all the time. In fact, women often love to see their men naked all day when indoors. So, this is not the time to be covering up or saying it makes you feel somehow. Don’t think that way bro. She is going to be your wife, she needs to be satisfied all the time. I know, some women have a very weird satisfaction elasticity, may God help you. But if you think you are going to not give her what she dully deserves from you when she wants it and how she wants it, oh boy, don’t get married. Just stay single and keep your sexiness locked down. In marriage, your body belongs to her, as hers to you. Simple!


  1. Wow ,nice post. Before marriage, it was ” My Own ” Personal, but as soon as u are married, it becomes “Our Own” This is because marriage make the couples to become ONE.

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