5 Amazing Benefits Of Eating Plantain. Number 2 Is A Shocker!!!

 Ghanaians are so in love with plantains

– It’s a rich source of energy

– A regular intake of plantain increases sexual performance 

From Tatale (Ghanaian Plantain cakes) to red red (my fav) to Ampesi, to kelewele to Kofi broke man, Ghanaians are in love with plantain. Studies have shown that it contains essential nutrients that can help fight against diseases.

While a lot of Ghanaians consume this food as a primary source of energy, most are oblivious of its unbelievable health benefits.

Research has shown that plantains are great for your immune system. Including plantain in your diet gives you almost 40% of your daily recommended amount of Vitamin A.

Here are 5 benefits of eating plantain:

1) Regulates the heart

Eating plantain is good for the heart; it helps improve blood flow and reduces risks of heart diseases. As a rich source of potassium, plantain helps to prevent heart attack and hypertension.

2) Boosts sexual performance

Studies show that the nutrients found in plantain can boost sexual performance. Regular intake of plantain improves male fertility and makes the sperm thicker. For good sexual performance, you need more unripe plantain with ginger and garlic.

3) Strengthens your bones

Plantain especially the unripe ones are rich in calcium which helps strengthen the bones, muscles, nails and teeth.

4) Improves digestive system

As a rich source of fibre, it prevents conditions that irritate the bowel and also prevents constipation, bloating and other health conditions related to indigestion. Eating fibre helps regulate blood sugar levels and keeps your cholesterol level in check. In the long run, this reduces your risks of heart disease.

5) Makes a good meal for diabetics

Unlike ripe plantains which contain sugar, unripe plantains are low in sugar and this makes it a great option for diabetes.

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  1. This is wonderful, i never know and not consume unripe plantain before but now i will start consume it, the benefits is great well done and thanks Paysnation.

  2. So Plantains can help to strenghting relationship because some relationship have broken for lack of good sex longitivity, this will really work out well.

  3. Unripe plantain is my favorite but I never new it also helps in sexual aspect. What a world. We learn everyday and I learned today because of paysnation. 👍

  4. This is ridiculous!i never knew plaintain help to regulate and improved our sex life .I’ll surely tried it. I hale paysnation for this wonderful post that’s been spread .

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